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MINDFUL MAGIC - A Moment for Teamwork

“When a creative team learns to soar as a unit, teamwork becomes a matter of cooperation and coordination, not competition.”—The Artist’s Way at Work-Riding the Dragon, Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron, and Catherine Allen-

Mentioning Teamwork- Have you ever considered what kind of team member you are? Take this quiz and find out.

My Team Behavior

When I am a member of a team:

For elements 1 through 8, circle which one of the three behaviors most accurately reflects what you do when you are working as part of a team. Put the point value assigned to that description in the total column. Total all 8 elements to get your score!







I try to get everyone to work together as a team, one unit

I give suggestions for what needs to be done

I disagree with most of what is suggested by other members of the team


I try to support other team members and let them know they’re appreciated

I make sure that I express my opinion about what the team is doing

I’m usually not happy about what is going on in the team, but I don’t say so


I help other members of the team in any way I can

I share information with members of the team so we can be oriented to our task

I’m not interested in helping other members of the team


I reward other members of the team

I give information to the team that is needed

I am too stressed out to offer anything to the team


I like to include others in everything we do

I make sure that information is clarified

I ask for help that I don’t use


I like to joke to keep things light

I ask for opinions so the team knows where it is

I avoid participation in the team


I try to understand what is going on in the team

I try to analyze what is going on in the team

I try to antagonize the team every chance I get


I tend to agree with the team

I tend to express my feelings to the team

I only have negative comments about the team


The Minute-Being mindful of your Teamwork score-If you scored between 0-8, you have a Maintenance-Oriented Style of Team Behavior; 9-16 you have a Task-Oriented Style of Behavior, and 17-24 you have a Self-Oriented Style of Behavior. What do you think and feel about this? What do you do about this? Is there anything you would like to do differently about this in the future?

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