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PRESIDENT & CEO of Debra Gould & Associates, Inc.

Debra W. Gould, MS, is a management consultant, motivational speaker, workshop trainer/facilitator and author. Debra is the President of Debra Gould & Associates, Inc. which provides management consulting and training services to commercial and government clients. Debra specializes in self-development seminars in management development, leadership development and professional development. With more than 20 years’ experience in the management consulting and training field, Debra uses her experience with large and small organizations, as well as with educational institutions.

She has worked with Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Entergy of New Orleans, HQ/HUD, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, Department of the Navy, NASA, Army Pentagon, General Services Administration, Motiva Enterprises LLC, Shell E&P, Chevron, USDA/NFC, Regional Transit Authority (RTA), Housing Authority of New Orleans, just to name a few of her clients. Debra is a Past Chapter President of the National Speakers Association New Orleans Chapter and National NSA member and active member of the American Society of Training and Development and Society for Human Resource Management.

Debra has co-authored five (5) books and published one book: Sisters Together: a book of quotes, Sisters Together: “Lessons Learned” That Have Anchored Our Souls!, Where There’s Change There’s Opportunity! Joe and Debra Gould co-authored Together: Making Your Marriage Work from the Start, Joe and Debra co-authored Real Relationships Require Real Work and Nivek and Gould Publishing released Brothers Together: Lessons Learned That Have Anchored Our Souls! Debra’s newest book is Real Women, Real Issues: Positive Collaborations for Business Success. Debra received her M.S. degree in Management from Florida Institute of Technology. A graduate of the 2006 Tuck WBENC Executive Education Program (SBEEP), University of Texas El Paso and Small Business Administration - Emerging 200; 2010.

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